Acupuncture originates from the field of Chinese Medicine. The body contains a complex system of pathways, similar to our veinous or arterial system, known as meridians. These pathways allow our energy, or Qi to travel effortlessly through our bodies. For any number of reasons these pathways can become blocked impeding the flow of Qi and blood. Based on patient symptomatology you are certain to find depressed, tender areas along the meridian pathways. These depressions are known as “Ashi” points, areas where the energy is blocked. Inserting acupuncture needles into these Ashi points draws energy to the area, much like a lightning rod attracts lightning. Drawing the energy to the area dissolves the blockage, restoring proper flow throughout the meridian system. An acupuncture treatment is a complex prescription of multiple needle insertions that creates a cohesive set of instructions for the body to follow with each acupuncture point exerting a very specific function within that prescription.